Welcome to the Doggie Washerette

My Clean Pomeranian

I was recently visiting Silver Spring from NYC with a very dirty Pomeranian and desperately wanted to find a place to wash him, but didn’t know any local groomers.

When I read the description of the Doggie Washerette, I was so excited and simultaneously wondered why I’ve never seen anything like this before in NYC – a total doggie loving city. I love grooming my dog, but it usually takes over my apartment and too much time at home.

I brought my 4 yr old niece to help me out and we had an amazing experience. Ethel was super helpful and assisted me with brushing my Pom’s teeth and trimming his nails before his wash. She even gave me advice on brushes to use and how to wash his face area.

All in all it was a great bonding experience for me and my doggie and niece, I am definitely coming back when I am back in the area.